WAVR-21 Digital

Options for Digital Use of the WAVR-21 V3:

License for internal use.
The WAVR-21 V3 content may be licensed for internal use. This includes all the V3 content – the Intake and Documentation Questionnaire, the Worksheet, the summary Grid, User’s Guide, and the third edition manual in its entirety. Private corporations, colleges, universities, and governmental agencies often choose this digital option versus the paper/hard copy manual and forms. Licensed users of the WAVR-21 V3 intellectual property may use the content – manual and all forms – in any user-determined format and application design. However, the material content of the WAVR-21 cannot be changed in any manner, and both the trademark and attribution to the developers of the WAVR-21 must be maintained within all users’ systems. This option allows for maximum creativity and security for licensees, as well as legal protection for the WAVR-21 developers as the licensor. Contact Dr. Stephen White at swhite@wtsglobal.com for further information on licensing this digital option.

License the application.

The WAVR-21 App, a software version of the WAVR-21-V3, is also available for licensing through Resolver, as an optional component of its enterprise security data management platform, or as a stand alone application. This electronic version of the WAVR includes the V3 content in its entirety – the Intake and Documentation Questionnaire, the Worksheet, the Grid, a User’s Guide, and the third edition manual. Please contact sryan@wtsglobal.com for more information.

Please note and respect the WAVR-21 Copyright Protection and Duplication Prohibition:

The WAVR-21 – Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk – was copyrighted June 2007, Second Edition, March 2010, Third Edition, August 2016. All rights are reserved by the authors, Dr. Stephen G. White & Dr. J. Reid Meloy. No portion of the WAVR-21 – Versions 1, 2, or 3 – manual, forms, or forms packets – may be reproduced, copied, or reprinted in any format whatsoever, including digital formats, without the expressed written permission of the authors. “WAVR-21” is a trademark held by the authors and may not be used in any format separate from the WAVR-21 except under express license from the authors.