Training with the WAVR-21

Training in the use of the WAVR-21 is highly recommended, as well as access to professional consultation commensurate with the potential seriousness and complexity of a given threat scenario.

Drs. Stephen White and Reid Meloy, co-developers of the WAVR-21, with assistance from their WTS colleagues, provide training to users in various formats.  Content can be tailored to the specific needs and challenges of a client-organization, as well as to the experience level of its internal threat management resources.

  • Two-day WAVR-21 Workshop: Drs. White and Meloy conduct a comprehensive two-day training on workplace threat assessment, centered on use of the WAVR-21.  Now in its third edition, the WAVR includes 21 empirically based criteria for assessing different forms of workplace and campus violence risk.

This training is intended for core threat team members seeking in-depth training and discussion, and is highly recommended as the most advantageous way to become familiar with the WAVR-21.  The training may be provided to individual organizations and is periodically offered publicly in the USA, Canada, and Europe through WTS or Specialized Training Services.


  • Detailed presentation and discussion of the 21 factors of the WAVR  ”Grid”
  • Instruction on use of the Short Forms – “Violence Risk” and “Protect” – screening tools designed for and appropriate for use by workplace-based teams
  • Case analysis of high profile workplace homicides
  • Analysis and discussion of video interviews with perpetrators and subjects of concern
  • Case vignette exercises involving commonly encountered situations, to enhance attendees’ skills in screening, assessing, and responding to threat scenarios
  • Interview strategies, working with victims and targeted employees, the role of assessment professionals, multi-disciplinary collaboration, errors due to bias, and “best practices” in organizational violence prevention
  • Risk topics include:
    • targeted violence
    • stalking
    • mental illness and violence
    • domestic and intimate partner violence
    • adolescent vs. adult mass murder
    • bullying and intimidation
    • psychopathic, narcissistic, and anti-social individuals
    • the nexus of extreme ideology, psychopathology, and violence risk
  • Attendees will learn to recognize the “pathway to violence”, originally articulated by professionals in the US Secret Service and US Marshals Office, and a core concept in understanding targeted/intended violence.
  • Dynamic case management decision-making and multidisciplinary collaboration among threat assessment team members are promoted as both core values and skills for the participants

The University of California Office of the President selected Drs. White and Meloy to provide WAVR training on a system-wide basis to all ten University of California campuses in 2011.  They have also provided this training to the Netherlands National Police, among other organizations.

  • One-day Introduction to the WAVR-21 Workshop:  This workshop, provided by either Dr. White, Dr. Meloy, or a designated WTS associate, is available to any corporation, institution, or university.  The WAVR-21 principles are introduced and instruction given on use of the Short Forms.  Case studies are presented and discussed.  Attendees work vignettes and debrief them with the presenter.  Although this workshop provides a solid introduction to the WAVR, it is not considered a substitute for, nor an adequate abbreviation of the two-day training.
  • Training on Specific Topics or Case Study Debriefings:  Training is available in special topics such as stalking, bullying, mental disorders, domestic violence in the workplace, psychopathy, and sexual deviance.  Review and debriefing of client’s cases for team training and protocol improvement purposes may be conducted by telephone or web session, including in an ongoing seminar format.  Please go to WTS Inc. for further information and to inquire.
  • Pre-training Orientation and Program Development Consultation:  WTS has long provided program and training development consultation to its threat management clients.  Dr. White, Dr. Jolee Brunton, and other WTS associates are available for these services.  Please go to WTS Inc. for further information and to inquire.