Praise for the WAVR

“The WAVR-21 V3 has been enriched to address intended violence on campus as well as in the workplace. Firmly anchored in cutting-edge research and yet remarkably practitioner-friendly, the WAVR-21 is now the authoritative ‘go-to’ guide for threat assessment and management teams everywhere.”

John Monahan, Ph.D.
Shannon Distinguished Professor of Law
Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry
University of Virginia

“With this 3rd edition of the WAVR-21, Drs. White and Meloy expand upon their already impressive contributions to the field of threat assessment and management. The WAVR-21 is an eminently useful tool that facilitates a structured professional judgment approach, guiding practitioners as they work through a range of critical factors. Within the instrument items and supplemental materials, the authors have incorporated a vast wealth of research and practical experience that is of tremendous value to practitioners at all levels. This is a must-have resource for threat assessment and violence prevention professionals.” 

Gene Deisinger, Ph.D.
President, Deisinger Consulting, LLC
(Retired) Deputy Chief of Police & Director, Threat Management Services
Virginia Tech

“Utilization of the WAVR-21 has proven to be an effective and reliable tool in analyzing an individual’s potential for violence. Training on its proper use demonstrates a company’s commitment to maintaining a work environment free from the hazards of violence. Version 3 provides useful and improved guidance and assessment capabilities.”

Dan Dzwilewski
Director, Corporate Security & Chief Security Officer
Sempra Energy

“The WAVR-21 V3 is user friendly and particularly helpful in providing multi-disciplinary teams with a common, evidence-based language for analyzing threat cases and designing management strategies. The instrument helps educational institutions identify ‘concerning behaviors’ early that may lead to the pathway to violence or other disruptions to campus learning and work. Although not its primary purpose, the WAVR-21 V3 identifies numerous reportable behaviors that fall under the Clery Act and Title IX requirements, making it additionally helpful to team members with dual responsibilities.”

Anna Satterfield, Ph.D.
CEAP Director, Employee Support Services, Human Resources
Texas A&M University.

Praise for the Original WAVR-21

“This is the best structured instrument available to do an evidence based workplace violence risk assessment. The authors integrated their rich clinical experience and sophisticated understanding of the research literature to develop this practical, easy to use assessment tool.”

Phillip J. Resnick, M.D.
Director of Forensic Psychiatry
Case Western Reserve University

“With this manual, Stephen White and Reid Meloy add another item to the list of important contributions they have made to the rapidly growing field of threat management. With authority that reflects years of practice and an impressive command of the literature, the authors present a cogent summary of what is known about workplace violence and offer their recommendations for assessing risk. The book is an excellent reference for everyone interested in workplace violence, including mental health, human resources, security, law enforcement, and legal professionals. For education and training purposes, it is an irreplaceable text; for conducting evaluations, it is a must-have practice guide.”

Stephen D. Hart, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Psychology
Simon Fraser University

“We are very pleased with the eWAVR. The content on the Short Forms is very well thought out, relevant to our current threats, and yet simple to use. We like how readily we can share our WAVR coding findings with the other members of our multi-disciplinary team, as the eWAVR functions smoothly within our IT environment. The manual is very well written and even our most experienced security professionals find it valuable in their case work. With an organization as large as ours the eWAVR helps us significantly with our screening and assessment efficiencies.”

Steve Ryker
Vice President and Security Manager
Wells Fargo Bank

“The WAVR-21 is a tool many of us have needed for a long time. The instrument comprehensively provides a standard approach that may be recommended when issues of workplace violence risk come to light. Even relatively uninitiated Users will find the manual extremely useful. As a technical compass, the WAVR-21 leaves little room for omitting key data that will be required to quickly and clearly guide a constructive assessment and intelligent management of these risks. I plan to use this tool in the future. The manual is easy to read, and the abundance of worthwhile references and suggested reading included comes as a bonus.”

David Hull
Former Director, Global Safety and Security
eBay Inc.

“The WAVR-21 is a remarkable threat management tool which helps threat and risk assessment professionals consider, capture, organize, and integrate critical information on key dynamic and static risk factors pertaining to a specific case. The structured professional judgment technology makes it cutting edge and state of the art, allowing the user to systematically approach cases and render accurate, reliable, and defensible threat assessments on a continuum. It is a must have tool for those who conduct threat assessments. Drs. White and Meloy are to be commended for their elegant and thorough, yet concise and parsimonious approach to threat assessment.”

Kris Mohandie, Ph.D.
Operational Consulting International, Inc.