Technical Structure

The eWAVR exists as a set of Microsoft Infopath templates. Infopath is part of the Microsoft Office Suite for Windows. These are essentially Word templates that use a specific xml format, and can be published via Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). MOSS is the preferred deployment option. However, the eWAVR files can be used as stand-alone templates if SharePoint Server is unavailable. Clients interested in a stand-alone option should consult with WTS to ensure the integrity of the eWAVR workflow.  eWAVR can also be used with MS365 which is a hosted version of SharePoint offered by Microsoft.  There is an additional monthly fee charged by Microsoft for this option, but then the client does not need to have SharePoint or InfoPath locally.

Support is provided if needed for the Infopath files and content, but not for SharePoint Server customization, as clients should have this expertise in-house. The templates are easily maintained internally. Case data can be stored as files within SharePoint or on local fileshares. Clients may incorporate the eWAVR forms into their existing case management electronic data systems.