We are currently modifying and improving the eWAVR in collaboration with, Resolver, an enterprise software developer. The new electronic version of the WAVR will include all the V3 content – the Intake and Documentation Questionnaire, the Worksheet, the Grid, a User’s Guide, and the third edition manual in its entirety. A number of eWAVR features will facilitate ease of use of the tools, including drop down windows and flexible views. Licensees control internal access to the eWAVR and the sensitive case material it generates. The eWAVR in software format will include an individual licensee option for clinical and forensic experts conducting formal risk assessments.

You may find additional information and add your e-mail address to receive eWAVR V3 product updates on Resolver’s website here: http://www.resolver.com/apps/threat-assessment-software.

For additional questions, please contact Sandy Ryan (sryan@wtsglobal.com), or Dr. Stephen White (swhite@wtsglobal.com).