The WAVR-21Threat Assessment App

A structured, evidence-based
and collaborative tool
for conducting violence
risk assessment.

the WAVR-21 V3a best practice standard
for assessing workplace and
campus targeted violence

now adapted to include
campus and student contexts

The benefits of
    the WAVR-21
evidenced-based assessments
improved team communication
enhanced decision-making
Training“Drs. White and Meloy’s training was excellent. The WAVR-21 is a great tool and the case studies and vignettes brought it all together.” — Security Manager, Fortune 500 Company
“The WAVR training was great for our team. The tool keeps us on target and the case studies were so illuminating. Dr. White and Dr. Meloy gave us one of the best in-house trainings we have ever had.”
— Senior V.P. of Human Resources,
Fortune 100 Company
  • WAVR Explained

    The WAVR-21 – Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk – is a 21-item coded instrument for the structured assessment of workplace and campus targeted violence risk.

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  • Training

    Training in the use of the WAVR-21 is highly recommended, as well as access to professional consultation commensurate with the apparent seriousness and complexity of any threat scenario.

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  • Research

    The authors selected the risk factor items of the WAVR-21 based upon rational consideration of the reliability and validity of accumulated research findings on violence risk and threat assessment.

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    for the upcoming WAVR Training Workshops

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